about us

Investing can be an intimidating endeavor for little piglets just starting out in the field. Knowing which mud pits to dip your toes in, while keeping your snout clean of filth and feces, can be a tricky endeavor. Learning to piggy invest will take time, knowledge, and experience. Why piggy invest? Well, that's simple...to grow the size of your precious, your Piggy bank. A fat and pleasantly plump piggy bank will ensure your life and future are more padded and comfortable. Preventing financial stress and instability, also creates opportunities, where time and energy can be better spent on bigger and tastier things in life. Piggy Invest is here to help keep your snout clean through the muddy path of investing. Knowing when to pig out and when to run, allows you to live a more secure life, away from the slaughter house and backyard sheds. Only time will tell if you will become a successful, desirable, piggy investor. Remember, bulls make money, bears make money, dirty, dumb, mud slinging pigs get slaughtered.

Our Mission

Make money and dont get slaughtered

Our Values

Invest early, Invest in yourself.